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Have a holly jolly Christmas - we wish a beautiful Christmas Time

It is Christmas soon - it´s actually only eight more days to be precise!

Even though we aren´t going to be open when Santa Clause makes his way from household to household, but we still wish you all a wonderful Christmas and harmonic holidays with your family or friends!

Also we are going to be open just two days after Christmas and are so looking forward to spending your free time with you in Niederthai at Gasthof Stuibenfall.

Whether you are going to visit us all by yourself or with your loved ones, everyone is welcome!

Advent Time in Ötztal

Do you already know how you are going to spend your weekend?

We aren´t open yet, but you still have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable, christmassy weekend in Ötztal.

On Saturday December 7th and on Sunday December 8th there will be the so called "Advent Magic" at the Pavillon in Waldele in Sölden!

Experience the Christmas atmosphere with some mulled wine or punch, chestnuts or cotton candy, wine, "Kiachlen" or some good liquor.

The time shortly before Christmas is known to be the most wonderful time of the year and that´s exactly why you should spend it in the most wonderful area! Ötztal!

New Years Eve in Niederthai - a naturally beautiful act.

Do you already know how you´re going to spend New Years Eve this year? We think it´s never too early to make sure you start your year right! Now how would you like starting your year with us at Gasthof Stuibenfall in Niederthai?

Together with your loved ones you can basically slide into a new chapter, surrounded by the beautiful winter wonderland and the shining stars in the sky. So relaxing and so beautiful!

If you want to start your year 2020 a little more on the active side you can have a look at our awesome, lit up night slope. And if you´re really lucky you will even get to catch some snowflakes!

Not only the mood and the view, but also the romantic atmosphere will amaze you!

The snow's finally here! - The winter starts

From yesterday to today a full load of fresh snow arrived in our beautiful Niederthai and we couldn't be happier about it!

Because snow means skiing and tobogganing! And what is better than a weekend full of winter sports action? Exactly, nothing at all!

For the little ones the snow offers a lot of possibilities for fun and games! No matter if a snowball fight with the family or a well-built snowman, it's always fun!

Ski Fit Week in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

From December 7th to December 14th 2019 you will get the opportunity to prepare perfectly for the winter!

On a number of different routes you can explore the wide lands of Ötztal Valley on your skies, whether it is with your loved ones or all by yourself and train every muscle of your body at the same time.

The Ski Fit Week gives skiers on every level the chance to start into the winter ready. That way you can find the right programme for you and your body and get help from a guide who cares about your individual needs.

We are on a break- We´ll be back soon!

What is one thing everybody needs? Exactly! Vacation!

That is the reason why we are taking a little break over the next couple of months.

But no worries! We will be back by December 26th and will embrace you with open arms.

Because what better is there than a winter holiday in Ötztal? Far slopes, wonderful hiking trails for snow-show tours and a variety of skiing lifts all around the area! Come over after December 26th and enjoy your holidays with the people closest to you at Gasthof Stuibenfall!

Skiopening Gurgl - The diamond of the alps celebrates the winter start

From November 14th 2019 to November 24th 2019 the yearly Skiopening takes place in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

It is finally time again! We race into winter and pack our ski in the back of the car.

The beautiful mountain valley with international flair gets its sunny mood from slopes with up to 1.800 to 3.080 meters, modern mountain railways without waiting times and high-end gastronomy and thanks to it´s location it opens its lifts already in the middle of November as the only area in Austria! There are about 25 lifts with about 112 kilometers, by the way.

The most snowy area of the mountains offers a diverse and entertaining opening programme with a musical hut-rallye at the ski huts, opening parties at the "Winterpalast" and a lot more.

Our cranberry pancakes - the recipe

Ingrediens: 250g of flower, 1/4 liter of milk, 11 cranberries, salt, 100g of margarine for baking, sugar to sprinkle on top

From the flower, the eggs and the milk you make a batter, salt it and add the cranberries. In a flat pan you heat up the margarine and pour the batter inside to make a pancake. These batter drops are not supposed to be located closely together, because they will get bigger due to pouring. Now these pancakes will be baked till they are brown on each side, taken out of the pan and sugar will be added. Instead of cranberries you can also use other berries or fruit like cherries for example.

We hope you´ll enjoy our pancakes just as much as our hotel guests.

The Piburger Lake – a small piece of wonderful nature

You can spend your time at the Piburger Lake in Ötztal surrounded by tall trees and breathtaking mountain views with a whole lot of silence and relaxation.

There´s a countless number of opportunities for you to make your stay at the Piburger Lake an unforgettable experience. You get to rent a boat to explore the lake and the beautiful gifts of nature surrounding it! By the way, the Piburger Lake is one of the warmest lakes in tyrol, that is basically an invitation to jump right in, isn´t it?

Niederthai - a small spot of paradise

With 362 inhabitants Niederthai is a small but beautiful village in Umhausen and the perfect place for a great holiday.

Whether hiking, climbing, rafting or a visit to the museum. In Niederthai there is something for everyone. A great, varied and unforgettable summer holiday. Unlimited hiking pleasure, silence and the idyllic world of the mountains are just waiting to be discovered by adventurous people!

Come by as soon as possible and breathe in the fresh mountain air.
We look forward to seeing you!

Towermuseum Oetz

In the center of Oetz the tower museum catches everyone´s eye due to its architecture. The tower in the center of the settlement was the home of a noble family in the middle ages, later on it became the administrative office of the goods that belonged to the monastery Frauenchiemsee in Oetztal, since 2004 it has been a museum.

The exhibits range from art during the middle ages and sculpture to modern photography and art.

Opening hours:
Mid-December to Easter: Thur-Sun 2pm - 6 pm
Jund to October: Wed-Sun 2 pm - 6 pm


Destination Oetzi-Village

You can experience a whole bunch of exciting things this week and have a great time. How about a trip to the Oetzi-Village in Umhausen for example? This awesome location shows you how the people used to survive or dress in the Ötztal 500 years ago and gives a glance into the stone age.

You´re also able to find out everything about the alps biggest archeological attraction, the ice man – Oetzi. Dig into the everyday life of the ice man and learn how to make fire with stones or how to work a bow!

Opening hours:
Daily from 09.30 am to 5.30 pm (only to 5 pm in October)


Weekend fun in the Ötztal valley

Also on this weekend there are again many possibilities, how one can arrange his time most beautifully. On Saturday the 20.07.2019 and on Sunday the 21.07.2019 the annual Nivea Family Festival takes place in Ötz and provides a lot of fun for young and old!

This summer the elaborate show program is filled with entertainment. Next to the Austrian newcomer Luke Andrews, the big Nivea show stage this year will be "Clear the stage" for talented children and teenagers. The proceeds from the big donation marathon will go to the long-term project HELP FOR EVERY DAY from SOS-Kinderdorf.

Opening hours:
Saturday: 10.00 to 18.00 o'clock
Sunday: 10.00 to 17.00 o'clock


Summer holidays in the Ötztal Valley - Sport, Action & Adventure

The days are getting warmer and the nights shorter - summer is here and it brings sport, fun and adventure with it! The summer holidays have begun and with them comes a wide range of things that will make your holiday with us in Niederthai unforgettable.
A little tip: the Stuibenfall is even more beautiful and breathtaking in summer than in winter!
No matter if hikes, events or other activities, with us you will surely find the holiday program that suits you best!


Summer starts now!

Finally the summer is starting in Niederthai and with the sun there come a lot of opportunities to make your holiday in the alps unforgettable. Whether it's hiking in the alps, climbing on one of our fixed rope routes or swimming at the lake, you'll always have fun around here!

So come one over and let us amaze you!


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